hiLED System with Magnetic Induction techonology

hiLED Magnetic Induction lamps will allow you to get bill saving up to 70%. With our technology, illumination start to take part in strategy saving and efficiency plans for companys and particulars. High quality of light given out, increases people satisfaction, improving notoriously sight quality.
hiLED magnetic induction lamps have using life higher than 100.000 working hours, high luminous efficiency, with colour rendering index higher than 83, and an excellent reliability, furthermore this technology allows an instantaneous re-switch on.
In fluorescent tubes, when electricity reaches tungsten filaments, they produce heat for ionize gas contained inside the tube.
On this way an electric arc has been created between both filaments, for keeping gas ionized. When ions given off the gas, collide with mercury steam atoms also contained inside the tube, mercury electrons get excited and start to emite ultraviolet light. This light is not visible for human eye until it doesn't reach tube walls, covered with a fluorescent layer, which transform ultraviolet light into white light.
hiLED's working principle improve fluorecent tubes. hiLED magnetic induction lamps have electric magnets instead of electrodes. There is not communication between inside and outside the lamp, so energy is injected through ferrite rings from outside the lamp, using magnetic fields.
The best characteristics for Magnetic Induction lamps are:
. More than 100.000 using life hours.
. High luminous flux, higher than 90 lm/W.
. Inmediate switch on and re-switch on, without blinking.
. High luminous effciency with an excellent light quality. IRC higher than 83.
. Support working temperatures from -25ºC to 120ºC.
. Mercury percentage lower than 5mg.
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