Our working process

The adaptation of any kind of lamp to hiLED system is a fast process, easy and very effective.
Once defined the luminous objectives, lamp height, area to light, luxes etc…; our engineering department will analyzes which adaption solution is better for each specific light.
In the moment that this adaptation has been effectively designed, we will budget for you the cost of the adaptation, supplying if you want a sample unit to test the effectiveness of that adaptation.
It may be considered that the design and manufacture process of the sample unit is a handmade process, and even when our engineers are perfectly familiarized with the best manufacturing techniques, the impossibility of using some materials does not allow sometimes a good looking finish, besides it does not affect the functionality nor performance of the adapted lamp.
All the manufacture and delivery process of the sample units, in normal situations, may not exceed 10 days. Once the suggested solution is to your liking, we can start the production of all the units you need, and in this case we guarantee a professional finish.
The final assembly and regulation of the solution could be evaluated by our engineers, or if you want, by your own staff or by a different company. hiLED can supply you all technical data, assembly diagrams, adaptation instructions or even training courses if they were necessary for that activity. The guarantee of hiLED solutions is not determined to our technician's assembly, so your freedom of choosing is always guaranteed.
High Performance Lighting Solutions
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