Raise up efficiency

Traditional mercury steam lamps emit, at the beginning of their using life, 60 lumens per watt (lamp performance), considering 20% driver consumption, we get 50 lumens per watt of real efficiency. This valor decrease rapidily when lamp get older.
By contrast, hiLED lamps serve more than 90 lumens per watt, holding this value for a long time, eventually losing 30% of that value after 100,000 hours (for hiLED induction technology) or 50,000 hours (for hiLED Led technology). This means that in their last using hours, within 10 years of intensive use, hiLED lamps serve more than 63 lumens per watt of consumption.
Savings generated by direct replacement of power, keeping average quality of light, reaches values between 40% and 70%.
High Performance Lighting Solutions
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