To improve power consumption

When projecting industrial lighting systems, designer has in mind that conventional technologies lose a lot of capacity in the early hours of lamps' life (up to 20% in some types of lamps) and continue losing capacity rapidly during lamp's lifetime. Therefore, engineers doesn't design facilities where they would have to change light bulbs from the third month on, but overestimate installations in order to increase maintenance period to meet the lighting requirements, applyings maintenance factor lower than 0.7.
It is customary in industrial lighting, that personnel in charge of design of installations, try to delay lamps changing period, thereby reducing costs, even when it entails reducing significantly light levels.
When considering to replace a traditional system with hiLED systems, we can reduce power consumpt, just for the fact that hiLED lamps have a very low rate of luminosity lost, keeping their initial efficiency for many years.
We could reduce power consumption, just for the fact that the light output will not be lost as quickly as in traditional lamps.
High Performance Lighting Solutions
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