It exists an increasing concern for environment and security of products. This concern about security is not only about the working life, but also about reciclying of these products when they got to be recicled.
For general citizens is difficult to discern between potencially dangerous products and harmless products, if they don't have proper information about new technologies. Some companies could take advantge of disinformation to obtain benefits, overcoat in rising business.
It's an intencionate rumour, to asociate hiLED Induction lamps to mercury damage. Lamps currently used for illumination, contains higher quantities of mercury than hiLED lamps. Furthermore, lamps used for public or domestic illumination contains mercury as a gas, otherwise hiLED lamps contain mercury as an amalgam, so it's solid.
It's certain that mercury as a gas, can be hazardous if it's inhaled, but mercury as an amalgam cannot be inhaled, so it's hermless.
hiLED magnetic induction lamps are catalogued as "highly safe products" for environment, safer than traditional lamps and just under hiLED Led lamps, which doesn´t contain any mercury.
hiLED magnetic induction lamps contains less than 5mg solid state mercury, quantity much lower than international recommendations made by NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association). Furthermore, hiLED magnetic induction lamps, contains the mercury in two receptacles, which allows an easy and secure recycling process of this small mercury amalgam.
Mercury is used in products like thermometers, switches and bulbs. It is a chemical element, (pure is presented in liquid state), that you can found in environment, in earth's crust and humans cannot create or destroy it. Mercury is present in air, water and earth.
Mercury can be found in many rocs, included carbon, and it can be emitted to the environment when rocs are burnt. Energy plants which use carbon as combustible fuel, are the main mercury emissors in the world. US have the 40% of mercury emissions in the world. Hazardous waste incineration, chloride production, as well as.
Greenpeace is currently working in convincing legislators for preparing a law prohibiting incandescent lamps before 2012. Treating to stop comerzializing these products, diferent european directives have set different maximum values for mercury content in lamps.
According to the same ONG, one of the best options to replace this type of lamps are fluorescent lamps and Led lamps.
hiLED technology is much more advanced than technology used in low consume lamps, using lower mercury quantity and using mercury as a solid instead of as a gas.
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